Strategic Innovation Studio – Reimagine Workshop

Our ‘Reimagine Workshops’ are for time-poor people working in large, complex organisations.  Hands-on, intense and fun, these workshops are for leaders and their teams seeking to reimagine their strategy, workplace practices, or solutions.

Sessions run for 3 – 18 hours within one week and involve between 6 and 36 team members and key collaborators.

Fee: R 67,500.00 per day

Save up to 15% when you register multiple days.

  • 1-Day 
  • 2-Days | Save 10%
  • 3-Days | Save 15%

A minimum 10% deposit is required to book the workshop.

Government and non-profit participants contact for a 10% discount code.



  • Excludes VAT
  • 10% non-refundable deposit.
  • Minimum 6 participants. 
  • Maximum 36 participants. 
  • If held in-person excludes the costs of venue hire, equipment, and catering (including the fees for ensuring that the training environment is safe, considering the government’s rules regarding hygiene and safety). 
  • Excludes travel and accommodation costs for the trainers and facilitators if held outside of Cape Town-and-surrounds.