Character Insights For A Regenerative Future

5 Leadership Superpowers to Drive Growth, Innovation and The Future of Work

(With Tanya Meeson)

Many other leadership-operating systems run applications based on organisational hierarchies, perverse short-term financial incentives, and (increasingly) irrelevant skills.

The half-life of these hierarchies and skills is rapidly falling in an increasingly VUCA world.

The good news is that overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrates the link between character strengths and achievement. This book outlines a philosophy focused on maximising innovation effectiveness by leveraging five leadership character strengths: intellectual humility, grit, other-centredness, growth mindset and empathy.

The Character Dividend: How leadership, innovation and culture intersect to build regenerative businesses - argues that effective leaders are innovators powered by an operating system loaded with character strength apps.


The book references a rapidly growing body of scientific research and the author's personal experiences working in the corporate innovation space. It highlights that modern strategy design and innovation practices are necessary but insufficient for Better Future Building.

Suppose you are a modern leader creating the regenerative future you want by elevating ingenuity, accelerating performance, and avoiding harmful outcomes. In that case, this book provides insights, inspiration and affirmations for character-powered innovation.

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