Innovation is Modern Leadership

5 Superpowers for Mere Mortals

(With Tanya Meeson)

Paul is grateful and excited to announce that he has signed a publishing deal with Knowledge Resources (KR) to publish his book in Q2 2022.

KR is a trusted provider of business knowledge and resources for many Southern African organisations and professionals across the globe.

In 'Innovation is Modern Leadership', Paul argues that effective leaders are innovators powered by an operating system loaded with character strength apps. 

Many other leadership-operating systems run applications based on organisational hierarchies, perverse short-term financial incentives, and (increasingly) irrelevant skills. 

The half-life of these hierarchies and skills is rapidly falling in an increasingly VUCA world. Overwhelming scientific evidence now demonstrates the link between character strengths and achievement. 

'Innovation is Modern Leadership' seeks to provide insights, inspiration and affirmations for modern innovation leaders powered by character.

Keen to attend one of the book's launches either at Exclusive Books or online?